Lake Havasu Seaplane, located in sunny Lake Havasu City, Arizona, offers a two day single engine seaplane course. This course includes ground school, flight training and instruction, and checkride.

  • Seaplane Instruction
  • Seaplane Rating
  • Biennial Flight Review
  • Commercial Seaplane
  • Dual Seaplane

We are just a few hours away from Las Vegas, Nevada, or San Diego and Los Angeles in Southern California.


Phone: 928-855-4472   or   928-486-6997 (cell)


Moe Martin
Flight Instructor

Maurice (Moe) Martin has over 5,500+ hours in light single and twin engine aircraft. Moe taught at Mohave Community College, which offered a three (3) college credit private pilot ground course and a four (4) college credit instrument course.


He has seaplane experience in the New England area, in Northern British Columbia and right here in Lake Havasu on the beautiful blue waters of the Colorado River.


Todd Underwood
FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE)

Todd Underwood is a Master and Gold Seal flight instructor with over 10,500+ hours.


He holds ATP SEL, SES, MEL and MES ratings and holds all FAA DPE fixed wing designations including single and multi-engine seaplane.




Let these seasoned pilots serve you in your quest for the Seaplane Rating!

We hope you enjoy the view! Call us soon to schedule a training session, or just to inquire about our services!